Autobiographical incident essays

My assignment involved two tasks: first, to figure out whether there were personality dimensions that mattered more in some combat jobs than in others, and then to develop interviewing guidelines that would identify those dimensions. To perform the first task, I visited units of infantry, artillery, armor, and others, and collected global evaluations of the performance of the soldiers in each unit, as well as ratings on several personality dimensions. It was a hopeless task, but I didn't realize that then. Instead, spending weeks and months on complex analyses using a manual Monroe calculator with a rather iffy handle, I invented a statistical technique for the analysis of multi-attribute heteroscedastic data, which I used to produce a complex description of the psychological requirements of the various units. I was capitalizing on chance, but the technique had enough charm for one of my graduate-school teachers, the eminent personnel psychologist Edwin Ghiselli, to write it up in what became my first published article. This was the beginning of a lifelong interest in the statistics of prediction and description.

" Finally, the Manhattan district attorney's office declared after its own investigation that there has never been a case in New York involving former reform-school students murdering a former guard. Carcaterra originally claimed that when a "not guilty" verdict is rendered, the court stenographer usually does not transcribe the court record. When that was disproved, Carcaterra changed his story. When the district attorney's office threatened to charge him with conspiring to cover up a murder, he suddenly claimed that he had changed locations to protect identities, and that the murder trial did not take place in New York County. "Sleepers" is Carcaterra's second autobiographical work. In his first book A Safe Place: The True Story of a Father, a Son, a Murder, he recalls his abused childhood and the father who abused him. But nowhere does it mention the six months he now claims he spent in reform school.

Autobiographical incident essays

autobiographical incident essays


autobiographical incident essaysautobiographical incident essaysautobiographical incident essaysautobiographical incident essays