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I had a horrible experience with a Ghostwriter a few days ago.
I paid $400 in advance (Payed by the hour), got the first scene from him. He asked for my thoughts and told me I had $200 left of my payment. I read it and asked for revisions.
After almost a month of hearing nothing, his WIFE (who’s also a ghostwriter) writes me and tells me not to try and teach her husband how to write, which I didn’t, and that his work was amazing. She went on to say my suggestions for MY story didn’t make sense.
I thanked them for their time, and ended the collaboration. I asked for a refund of the $200 he’d not used, and she said I owed her money. Listing services I NEVER asked for.

During the mid-1990s Ghostwriter was released on VHS by two different companies, GPN and Republic Pictures . GPN is the company authorized by PBS to release all its shows on video. They have the entire series except for the last two cases. These videos are in the original format with each case divided into four or five episodes. Republic Pictures released only three cases (all from the first season) : "Ghost Story", "Who Burned Mr. Brinker's Store?" and "Into the Comics". In Republic Pictures' version, the four or five episodes for each case were edited together into a feature-length movie. The Republic Pictures version is currently out of print, but can still be found in some libraries in the US and Canada only. The GPN version was available to the general public for purchase through their website until 2007. Starting mid-2007, GPN is selling only to schools and libraries due to a change in licensing terms. However, the GPN version is still available in some libraries.

Conclusion: Anyone looking for dark to shrill and intense sounds cannot go wrong with EastWest Ghostwriter. The Library can accompany or handle even entire compositions. The sample player is clearly laid out and you quickly get to the desired result. The sounds are well-produced and coordinated. You can tell that Steven Wilson and Doug Rogers put in a lot of effort to make sure everything sounds rich and intimate. You won’t find happy, funny sounds but fans of the genres horror, thriller and crime will get their money’s worth. The included instruments complement each other perfectly. Thanks to the many editing options and effects along with the presets, it’s fun to compose with the sounds and experiment.

Become a ghostwriter

become a ghostwriter


become a ghostwriterbecome a ghostwriterbecome a ghostwriterbecome a ghostwriter