Being powerful is like being a lady essay

In a text message to WBUR, Ashbrook said that he was “stunned that a few former colleagues have apparently come forward with allegations that have not been shared with me. I have no idea what is being alleged, nor by whom.” He added that he was “proud of the many people who have worked with me during my 16 years at WBUR. I have always tried to be a leader and supportive of them, and many of them have gone on to highly successful careers in radio, journalism and other fields… “In the pressure of a live radio environment, I have at times been a tough and demanding boss. We aspire to put out a top-notch show. Many people have thrived in that environment; a few have not.”

Argument(s) for God’s being or existence form only a small portion of Anselm’s considerable and complex work, and his influence has been much wider and deeper than originating one perennial line of philosophical investigation and discussion. In his own time, he had several gifted students, among them Anselm of Laon, Gilbert Crispin, Eadmer (writer of the  Vita Anselmi ), Alexander (writer of the  Dicta Anselmi ), and Honorius Augustodunensis. His works were copied and disseminated in his lifetime, and exercised an influence on later Scholastics, among them Bonaventure, Thomas Aquinas, John Duns Scotus, and William of Ockham. For further discussion of Anselm’s influence, cf. Châtillon, 1959, Southern, 1963, Rovighi, 1964, Hopkins, 1972, and Fortin, 2001.

More: The 13 Most Surprising Things You Never Knew About Angela Merkel The problem was Greece. The country that gave the world democracy was supplying it with headaches. Athens was broke and carried debts it could never hope to pay. If the country still had its own currency, it might at least dilute the problem by printing more of it. But like 18 other . countries, Greece had exchanged its money, the drachma, for the euro—and the only way to pay its debts was by asking its neighbors for more euros. Merkel stood by the cash register, with her lessons from East Germany. There the collapse of the Wall had been swiftly followed by the collapse of the economy, an event as traumatic as the breach had been euphoric, but experienced only by the Ossies, as East Germans were called. What’s more, the trigger had been a common currency: the abrupt introduction of the West German deutsche mark to the East shuttered factories, putting millions out of work, including Merkel.

Being powerful is like being a lady essay

being powerful is like being a lady essay


being powerful is like being a lady essaybeing powerful is like being a lady essaybeing powerful is like being a lady essaybeing powerful is like being a lady essay