Buy side equity trader resume

Similar to Renjith above, I was looking for some advice on how to break into a career within equity research. I have undergraduate and masters degrees in quantitative economics but am struggling to break into junior/entry level roles within the industry without any direct investment banking experience. Since graduating two years ago, I have been working as an analyst at an industry leading economic and financial litigation consulting firm, where I have been carrying out many tasks that overlap and fall in line with tasks typically carried out by analyst/associate roles in ER. Any advice you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

A buy-side analyst usually works for a pension fund or mutual fund company. These individuals perform research and make recommendations to the money managers of the fund that employs them. Buy-side analysts will determine how promising an investment seems and how well it coincides with the fund's investment strategy ; they'll base their recommendations on this evidence. These recommendations, made exclusively for the benefit of the fund that pays for them, are not available to anyone outside the fund. If a fund employs a good analyst, it does not want competing funds to have access to the same advice. A buy-side analyst's success or talent is gauged by the number of profitable recommendations he or she makes to the fund.

I am looking to get into M&A although I am not to sure that I’ll succeed without getting an MBA first (I am currently working in Risk Mgmt and have a non-finance background). Would you nevertheless recommend applying for the full-time M&A job before going to business school? I’m wondering whether I should be worried about not getting in after obtaining my MBA as a result of my ‘bad performance’ the first time. Do they keep records/… or am I not risking anything by applying now and try again within ‘2’ years?

Buy side equity trader resume

buy side equity trader resume


buy side equity trader resumebuy side equity trader resumebuy side equity trader resumebuy side equity trader resume