Cascades coursework

The counseling program is accredited by the Council for Accrediting Counseling and Related Educational Programs , (CACREP),the gold standard in graduate counseling programs. This accreditation allows the student to take exams needed to meet initial eligibility requirements for licensure as an Oregon Licensed Professional Counselor . The program is recognized by the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and the National Board of Certified Counselors as meeting the coursework requirements for state licensing and national certification.

Hi Ainsley, Thank you for sharing information about the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. We are accepting applications on a space available basis for Fall 2014 and as you mentioned, many of our programs do not require the GRE. I saw your post about “Career Changers” and wanted to let you know that we frequently run special “Careers in Psychology” events on campus to educate career changers about the field. If you are ever interested in interviewing a faculty member or expert, I would be happy to connect you. Thank you again for sharing MSPP on your blog. We appreciate it!

Fall/Winter #2: Western Washington University Courses 
Moving to Bellingham, students connect their residency experience and the educational theory that supports it through two quarters in the classroom at Western Washington University. Courses include foundations in environmental education, conservation psychology and assessment and evaluation and culminates in a Capstone project focusing on a personal area of inquiry.
Celebrate your accomplishments with family and friends at an intimate graduation ceremony hosted at the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center!

Cascades coursework

cascades coursework


cascades courseworkcascades courseworkcascades courseworkcascades coursework