Caste discrimination in india essay

In 1392, with the foundation of the Confucian Joseon dynasty , Korea systemised its own native class system. At the top were the two official classes, the Yangban , which literally means "two classes." It was composed of scholars ( munban ) and warriors ( muban ). Scholars had a significant social advantage over the warriors. Below were the jung-in (중인-中人: literally "middle people". This was a small class of specialized professions such as medicine, accounting, translators, regional bureaucrats, etc. Below that were the sangmin (상민-常民: literally 'commoner'), farmers working their own fields. Korea also had a serf population known as the nobi . The nobi population could fluctuate up to about one-third of the population, but on average the nobi made up about 10% of the total population. [35] In 1801, the vast majority of government nobi were emancipated, [36] and by 1858 the nobi population stood at about percent of the total population of Korea. [37] The hereditary nobi system was officially abolished around 1886–87 and the rest of the nobi system was abolished with the Gabo Reform of 1894, [37] but traces remained until 1930.

Sociological separation fuels gender divisions, supports prejudicial stereotypes and stokes sexual repression, which many women’s organizations believe accounts for the high rate of sexual violence. A 2011 study , carried out by the International Centre for Research on Women, of men’s attitudes in India towards women produced some startling statistics: one in four admitted having “used sexual violence (against a partner or against any woman)”, one in five reported using “sexual violence against a stable [female] partner”. Half of men don’t want to see gender equality, 80 per cent regard changing nappies, feeding and bathing children to be “women’s work”, and a mere 16 per cent play any part in household duties. Added to these inhibiting attitudes of mind, homophobia is the norm, with 92 per cent confessing they would be ashamed to have a gay friend, or even be in the vicinity of a gay man.

Caste discrimination in india essay

caste discrimination in india essay


caste discrimination in india essaycaste discrimination in india essaycaste discrimination in india essaycaste discrimination in india essay