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When James Braid first described hypnotism, he did not use the term "suggestion" but referred instead to the act of focusing the conscious mind of the subject upon a single dominant idea. Braid's main therapeutic strategy involved stimulating or reducing physiological functioning in different regions of the body. In his later works, however, Braid placed increasing emphasis upon the use of a variety of different verbal and non-verbal forms of suggestion, including the use of "waking suggestion" and self-hypnosis. Subsequently, Hippolyte Bernheim shifted the emphasis from the physical state of hypnosis on to the psychological process of verbal suggestion:

bundles config is useful if doing a build and that build target was not an existing module ID, or if you have loader plugin resources in built JS files that should not be loaded by the loader plugin. Note that the keys and values are module IDs , not path segments. They are absolute module IDs, not a module ID prefix like paths config or map config . Also, bundle config is different from map config in that map config is a one-to-one module ID relationship, where bundle config is for pointing multiple module IDs to a bundle's module ID.

Another approach is to actually break the cipher through cryptanalysis ; finding a weakness in the cipher that can be exploited with a complexity less than brute force. The challenge of successfully attacking a cipher is easier of course if the cipher itself is flawed in the first place. There have always been suspicions that interference from the National Security Agency weakened the Data Encryption Standard algorithm , and following revelations from former NSA analyst and contractor Edward Snowden, many believe they have attempted to weaken encryption products and subvert cryptography standards.

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