Essay on bhagwad geeta

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Alternating Current -AC electricity (Thomas Edison literally stole his ideas from him and took the credit for for it).
Radio (Marconi just took the ideas and work of Tesla and got the cerdit for it).
Hydro-electricity (Tesla Built the first Hydro-electric power plant at Niagara falls As a result we see whats there now)
transistors (you are using a transistor right now to view this webpage )
Resonant frequency (every one else figured it out 50 yeas later)
Fluorescent and Neon lighting
The induction motor
The rotating magnetic field (precursor to gyroscope)
Arc lighting
Tesla coil
Encryption technology and scrambler
Wireless communication and power transmission
remote control
Telegeodynamics (a way to search for metals and minerals)
Tachometer and speedometer
Refrigeration machines
Bladeless turbines and pumps
Cryogenic engineering
reactive jet dirigible (precursor to Harrier jet)
Hovercraft Flivver plane (precursor to Osprey helicopter/aircraft)
Particle-beam weapons (precursor to Starwars)

The population of Makkah at the time of Prophet’s advent was nearly 60,000. There were several clans in Makkah each having its own chief. Totally there were about 20 chiefs to rule the population of Makkah. An Abandhu meaning a helpless man who was far-famed and ‘praised one’. Muhammad (pbuh) overcame his enemies with the help of God.

1. There is no census data to validate that Mecca had a population of 60,000 in Muhammad’s era except IRF research based on their own revealed sources.
2. Literal translation of this mantra means that 60000 plus enemies and their 20 kings were crushed under the chariots. By this logic, there should be 60,000 soldiers in the battlefield. If that be so, it means that entire population of Mecca fought against Muhammad and were killed by him. If that be so, if this mantra be a true Prophecy, Muhammad cannot be a symbol of peace . On contrary, it proves that Muhammad carried out a mass genocide of entire Mecca population because they refused to accept him as their dictator! Then, Islam remains a religion of peace only in Arabic dictionary, and not in reality!
3. In reality, this Balttle of Mecca was as small tribal battle where 900-1000 soldiers and 300 soldiers of Islam have supposed to have fought for a few hours, as per Islamic experts. And not more than 10 leaders are known to have participated from Meccan side. Thus neither the number 20, nor 60000 in mantra has any reference to this tiny battle.

Essay on bhagwad geeta

essay on bhagwad geeta


essay on bhagwad geetaessay on bhagwad geetaessay on bhagwad geetaessay on bhagwad geeta