Essay on cruelty against animals

Hi Meghan, thanks for your feedback. I think the difficulty with Artaud and his Theatre of Cruelty is that Artaud’s own writings are difficult to decipher in a coherent form and that may be why his theatre is considered by some as difficult to produce. Yes, it is avant-garde, but so is a lot of great theatre. Perhaps it is the holy, ritualistic, surreal, hypnotising, bombarding and movement-based elements of Artaud’s drama that make it a challenge for theatre-makers? I certainly enjoy teaching Artaud in the senior high drama classroom and my students always find his concepts for the theatre engaging, yet challenging.

Although researchers have depended on animal test data to achieve medical advances, there should be other means of research because testing on animals is cruel, inhumane, and often unnecessary. ... Animal rights activists have gathered a large amount of information that has closed down many laboratories that violate anti-cruelty statutes. In the past, research labs have had to be subsequently suspended due to animal cruelty... Animal testing is already controlled to a great extent. ... Animal testing has contributed a great deal to both animals and humans...

Essay on cruelty against animals

essay on cruelty against animals


essay on cruelty against animalsessay on cruelty against animalsessay on cruelty against animalsessay on cruelty against animals