Gay marriage outline essay

In scripture, there is not a ranking of sins, this is a man made construct. Too many Christians tend to rank sexual sins as more abhorrent then stealing a cookie…..if it wasn’t for God’s grace both acts will separate us from him. Remember, we were born into sin and if it wasn’t for the cross we would be eternally separated from the Lord…..even if we did everything 100% right. This leads us to the conclusion that we should welcome the LGBT community into church with open arms……and I would subscribe to this perspective.

DOMA's Section 3 defined marriage for the purposes of federal law as a union of one man and one woman. [65] It was challenged in the federal courts . On July 8, 2010, Judge Joseph Tauro of the District Court of Massachusetts held that the denial of federal rights and benefits to lawfully married Massachusetts same-sex couples is unconstitutional under the equal protection clause of the . Constitution . [66] Beginning in 2010, eight federal courts found DOMA Section 3 unconstitutional in cases involving bankruptcy, public employee benefits, estate taxes, and immigration. [67] [68] [69] On October 18, 2012, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals became the first court to hold sexual orientation to be a quasi-suspect classification and applied intermediate scrutiny to strike down Section 3 of DOMA as unconstitutional in Windsor v. United States . [70] The . Supreme Court ruled in Windsor on June 26, 2013, that Section 3 violated the Fifth Amendment. [71] [h]

Gay marriage outline essay

gay marriage outline essay


gay marriage outline essaygay marriage outline essaygay marriage outline essaygay marriage outline essay