Heidegger question concerning technology essay

A reductionist/materialist conception of the world as being only the sum of the things contained within the world, where the world, as such, does not exist.

  • A metaphysical/spiritual conception of the world, where the world as such exists beyond the realm of matter.
  • Therefore, the conceptual choice people have faced in the past is either to deny the world's phenomenological existence, or to describe it in metaphysical terms (effectively mystifying it). In Heidegger's opinion, both theses views are mistaken, precisely because they are grounded in the flawed paradigm of traditional ontology, which privileges an objective view of the world. So, it is perhaps not surprising that philosophers working in this tradition have developed no concepts, nor any arguments to adequately describe the world as a phenomenon. Consequently, despite a plethora of theories that attempt to account for the phenomenon known as the world, none can account for the extra surplus quality that the world seemingly has. The aim of Heidegger's analysis is to show how these problem disappear, when the world is looked at ontologically.

    With contributions from François Raffoul, Eric S. Nelson, Ted Kisiel, Dermot Moran, Thomas Sheehan, Richard Polt, Robert Bernasconi, Françoise Dastur, Alfred Denker, Sean Kirkland, Holger Zaborowski, Emilia Angelova, Frank Schalow, Peter Trawny, Ullrich Haase, Leslie MacAvoy, Peter Gordon, Peg Birmingham, Andrew Feenberg, Scott Campbell, P. Christopher Smith, Dennis Schmidt, Gregory Schufreider, Gregory Fried, William McNeill, Andrew Mitchell, Lee Braver, Andrew Bowie, Anne O'Byrne, Kevin Aho, Daniela Vallega-Neu, John McCumber, Gregory Schufreider, Iain Thomson, Ben Vedder, Patricia Glazebrook, John Russon, Kirsten Jacobson, Hans Ruin, Daniel Dahlstrom, Wayne Froman, Iain Macdonald, Jill Stauffer, Leonard Lawlor, Janae Sholtz, Leslie MacAvoy, Tina Chanter, Robert D. Stolorow, Bret Davis, and Alejandro Vallega.

    Heidegger question concerning technology essay

    heidegger question concerning technology essay


    heidegger question concerning technology essayheidegger question concerning technology essayheidegger question concerning technology essayheidegger question concerning technology essay