Ib philosophy extended essay sample

Marymount has offered the IB program since 1985. The International Baccalaureate (IB) is two-year pre-university program of study is designed to meet the needs of students in international schools throughout the world. If you wish to pursue an IB diploma or IB subject certificates, you should be prepared to follow a highly demanding program in Grades 11 and 12 that includes the study of languages, individuals and societies, experimental sciences, math and computer science, and the arts.

In order to receive the IB diploma, you will sit for examinations in six subject areas at the conclusion of Grade 12 as well as follow a course in Theory of Knowledge, the focus of which is to demonstrate the interdependence of various subjects. Lastly, you must also submit an Extended Essay and participate in creativity action, and service (CAS) programs.

More than half of all IB candidates worldwide are from the USA, where IB classes can make your college application stronger and may offer you the opportunity to receive university credit. The IB also prepares students for admission to colleges and universities from countries worldwide, including the UK and Italy, where Marymount's IB Program is recognized by the Ministry of Public Instruction for entrance to Italian universities.

Most of the prominent universities in the United States have developed International Baccalaureate policies for Diploma and Certificate candidates. As of September 2016, the IBO database listed over 2000 post-secondary institutions with an IB recognition policy. Such considerations may include advanced placement, course credit, advanced standing, and special consideration at the time of admission. For example, the University of California campuses* award IB Diploma recipients with 30 points or more earned on their diploma, 30 quarter units or 20 semester units upon matriculation. These policies have been developed primarily because of the positive experience universities have had with previous International Baccalaureate students and also because of serious interest in the challenge that the IB Program offers to secondary school pupils. Admission directors and registrars have come to appreciate the caliber of International Baccalaureate students and wish to attract them to their campuses.
*see specific campus policy

Ib philosophy extended essay sample

ib philosophy extended essay sample


ib philosophy extended essay sampleib philosophy extended essay sampleib philosophy extended essay sampleib philosophy extended essay sample