Mba essays mistake

Hai Sameer,
I have not yet taken the Gmat, but i am planning to take it in 2014. I am currently working as a marine engineer in Merchant Navy . I have been in this field for almost 8 years now. Is it possible for a career change at this point in time for me. , can i have an expert opinion on this matter please. I am planning to do the executive MBA from one of the IIMs or ISB hyderabad.
Do you think I have any chance for getting jobs other than from marine field( very less opportunity for mba graduates in marine sector) after successful completion of the 1 year program.
Thanks and regards

The purpose of this article isn’t to elicit bitchy comments from readers. So stop it, it’s not constructive to anyone. I think the author genuienlly wants to understand everyone else’s perspective. For me, I had the fortune to know what I want to get out of b-school and I have had many doors opening to me. I was able to successfully transition a career from one industry to another. Could I have done so without MBA? Probably, but the motivation to leave my last cushy job just wasn’t there. I was afraid to uplift my life for uncertainty, but b-school really shielded us from fear of failure (well most of us). If you don’t land your dream job, you will always find a high-paying job with your elite degree. You may not get into VC in the Bay, but you will find a decent corporate finance role in a fortune 100 company. So I think it’s great that I got a chance to chase dreams and met great friends during the journey

Mba essays mistake

mba essays mistake


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