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In an effort to modernize, Yale will no longer use the terms "freshman" and "underclassmen" and will instead adopt gender-neutral terminology, such as "first-year" and "upper-level students." University officials still anticipate students and faculty to use the old terminology, since they're "deeply ingrained in our everyday language and in Yale's history." The new terminology can be found in the Undergraduate Regulations and the First-Year Handbook and is expected to appear in all Yale College's publications and communications by the start of the 2018-2019 academic year. The effort to phase out the older terminology is "a piece of a larger movement to reflect the diversity of college campuses" and also in part because the "two words in particular are gendered," according to Jennifer Keup, Director Of the National Resource for the First-Year-Experience and students in Transition. [...] Senate Bill to Make College Affordable and Accessible for Homeless, Foster Care Youth September 13, 2017

Not many photos here because I was trying to take videos at last year's seminar for posting--but I had the camera set on close-up and all were blurry! Meanwhile, didn't get many still shots. Check out Facebook pages Washington Workshops Congressional Seminar 2010 and 2009 Congressional Seminar for photos the participating students shared at that time. Last year's group chose to make their page closed. If you enter the essay contest and become a winner, you will have the time of your life. Go for it! (See our website at and click on Essay Contest at the top for all the info you need.)
Hope to see you in . next June.
National Consultant/Colonial Dames of America Essay Contest

Nscda essay contest

nscda essay contest


nscda essay contestnscda essay contestnscda essay contestnscda essay contest