Patriot act argumentative essay

Fantastic reads!! I thought I was prepared, but from what I’ve read,I can now be more prepared.
I am a senior citizen, and my step-daughter and her hubby live with me. They work nights, so I am alone most of the time. Before step daughter’s dad died, we had several guns. She and her hubby asked me to get rid of them because they were afraid of them. They both are nambie-pambies. I have since bought 3 other guns, 2 with lasers, and keep them hidden, without telling them. I absolutely LOVED the paint ball gun idea. The “kids” would absolutely panic, and go into a freeze mode if confronted. Maybe with the paintball guns, they would feel more secure. LOL
ALL-my friends, neighbors, and family call before coming to visit. It’s my rule. Anyone coming to my door without calling, my dogs will not let anyone in. If–they should come in anyway, and dispose of my dogs, my guns will take care of them. One of my husbands was a cop. He taught me a lot about self-defense. He was KIA, but what I remember, I will carry with me until I die, In my lifetime, I have had an attempted rape, a burglary, and attempted theft on my property. I was able to thwart them all. I have also had a gun pointed at me. One thing husband taught me- if the gun is withing your arms reach, you have the ability to knock it away, and try to defend yourself. I was able to.
“Up close and personal” is the best scenario.
Thank you so much for all the advice and ideas. Great stuff!

Bullying has large effects on either victims or perpetrator both in term of health, wealth and relationship. Victims of bullying will have low self-esteem and easily depressed that eventually leads to suicide attempt in long period of time. Besides, they will have difficulty in securing a job as well as building relationship with other people. This is due to lack of trust in victims toward other people. However, perpetrators of bullying will also being affected in term of health as they are likely to smoke cigarettes influence by their peers that can develop into cancer. They will also have trouble in securing steady jobs because of their violent nature and feeling of oppression over others.

Patriot act argumentative essay

patriot act argumentative essay


patriot act argumentative essaypatriot act argumentative essaypatriot act argumentative essaypatriot act argumentative essay