Phd thesis through dance

Ramin Gray, Hofesh Shechter and Simon Stephens are planning a new production in 2015 that seeks to combine dance and text. Seventeen is an experiment in form and content that will explore the inevitable decay of all living things.

We are looking for brave and engaged performers who feel equally at home expressing themselves physically and verbally. The show might involve nudity and delivering written text.

We will be meeting performers between December 11 and 20, 2013 in London. 

If you are interested, please submit your CV and availability between the outlined dates to:  seventeen@

The signature dance of the ancient Chamorro era is called the Bailan Uritao , or “Young Man’s Dance,” based on historical descriptions of the warrior-training practices of the uritao – young unmarried men who lived in the men’s house or Guma’ Uritao prior to marriage. The lively jumps, shouts, and crashing together of long sticks called tunas requires precision and agility and shows the prowess of a warrior. The rhythm and pattern of the sticks hitting together actually depicts the building of a latte house, finally ending with all sticks held upwards forming the pointed roof of the house.

Phd thesis through dance

phd thesis through dance


phd thesis through dancephd thesis through dancephd thesis through dancephd thesis through dance