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The alternative to a matching approach is to run a model using state-level or individual-level panel data (., data collected over time) on employment levels to estimate how employment changes after states enact a higher minimum wage. These models have a number of valuable features, most notably their ability to control for idiosyncratic differences between states or individuals that do not change over time. These stable differences are called “fixed effects,” and the models are therefore referred to as fixed-effects models. Regardless of whether fixed-effect models use state or individual-level data, they rely on variations in the minimum wage among states to determine the effect of the policy.

Real Estate is a far more complex asset class than many investors realize. We offer insights into a range of real estate research topics to deepen the understanding of investment performance, portfolio construction and risk.  The real estate asset level data we hold provides the basis for our research on market performance trends, and the fund level data enables an improved understanding of global unlisted vehicle performance. Our research helps to provide investors, managers and advisers with objective insight throughout the investment process.

Research paper importance

research paper importance


research paper importanceresearch paper importanceresearch paper importanceresearch paper importance