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Trilogy of Lust (1995) aka Xue lian Genre: Adult | Crime | Drama Country: Hong kong | Director: Julie Lee & Tun Fei Mou Language: English or german (2 separate audio tracks)
Subtitles: English for some Cantonese spoken lines
(Optional, embedded in Mkv file) Aspect ratio: :1 | Length: 88mn Uncut Hardcore Version Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 720x544 - 25fps - http:///title/tt0121898/

Controversial in Hong Kong for being a high-profile hardcore drama, this one got its star Julie Lee (the 'chopsticks' girl from BUNMAN : THE UNTOLD STORY) into trouble with the Hong Kong press.
It's a rather strange, mainland-set destructive love-triangle drama in which a shy young girl (Lee) falls for a younger man.  They kill her husband (who bought her, anyway), and it all goes downhill from there.
Suffice to say, it's LAST TANGO IN CHINA - with eggs, sand and eels used in 'bizarre' ways, and it all leads to a very gory and shocking ending.
Let's just say that it's not one for the feminists among you.
When the film was released in Hong Kong, it was cut down for the hardcore close-ups, and possibly some violence as well.  Fortunately, a long-since-deleted Swiss/Austrian DVD came out some years back, which re-instated those bits missing from the HK print. Trilogy of Lust (1995)   http:///view/1FE24985342C0A5/ http:///view/14493FF9DBC28CE/

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          MALES 10 AND UNDER 16
          MALES 16 TO 18
          MALES 16 AND UNDER 26
          MALES 26 AND UNDER 45
          MALES 45 AND UP           FEMALES UNDER 10
          FEMALES 10 AND UNDER 16
          FEMALES 16 AND UNDER 26
          FEMALES 26 AND UNDER 45
          FEMALES 45 AND UP
YOUNG SOLLARS/SOTTARS , PAGE 199 = 120010/2101006=
MALE 26/45 = 1775/1794
2 MALES = 10/16=1804/1810
MALE U 10 =
FEMALE 26/45= 1775/1794
FEMALE 10/16=
2 FEMALES U 10 =

1830 CHATHAM CO, NC=(not on cdrom-read census)=

Nakasoni, Osami (Sam)
Nance, Darrell
Nance, Harold E. "Hal"
Nash, Jack
Nault, George
Nelson, Carl "Steve"
Nelson, Vaughn
Nesmith, Willie R. Jr. "Bill"
Neuman, . (Clarence)
Ney, John
Nickelson, Thomas
Nishizaki, Marvin S. "Nish"
Nissel, James W.
Nitz, Glendon
Nolan, James J. Jr
Norman, Alfred V.
Norman, Seaton B.
Norris, Leslie
Norton, Rick

Obloy, John P.
O'Brien, Joseph J. "Joe"

O'Donnell, Charles F., MD
BFEC Physician

O'Shields, Wiley
Oldham, Fred
Olson, Elizabeth Jo (Liz)
Olzar, Lee M.
Ore, Dick Packham, Len
Orff, Robert E. (Bob)
Parker, Larry E.
Parrish, Walter J.
Passnault, Gerald (Gerry)
Pataro, Pete
Patterson, Todd
Pauls, Hildegarde A. (Hildegard ?)
Paulus, James
Payne, Lester
Peavler, Bob NASA et al
Pepin, Mark A.
Perdue, Harry
Pereira, Charles
Perry, Robert 'Bob' D.
Pessaro, .
Peterson, Tom
Petrosky, John P.
Phelps, Richard W. (Rick)
Phillips, Gloria
Phillips, Herb
Phillips, Tom (Pappy)
Piety, Harl O.
Pifer, Fred D Jr.
Pitts, Frank W.
Plum, Harry R.
Pollard, Ronald W. "Blackie"
Pomponio, . (Adam ?)
Pontius, .
Pope, Grace Mary Elizabeth (Mary)
Porter, Mike
Porter, Milton R.
Potts, Richard
Powell, Donald
Powell, Richard "Rick"
Pratt, Lynn M.
Prigmore, .
Pritchett, Harry Crawford "Hank"
Prochaska, Frank J.
Prosper, Ronald A.
Provost, Philias F.
Pruzenski, Anthony
Pryor, Robert
Purple, William C. (Bill)
President - Bendix/Allied Aerospace

Quimby, Patricia R,

Rabon, Bob
Ramsey, Lee
Randel, John
Rauenzahn, C. (Clifford W. ?)
Rawlins, Gerald
Ream, Leslie Evans
Reason, Francis E.
Rechenbach, David
Reinecke, W. P.
Remesch, Nicholas
Renn, Charlie

Reuschlein, Richard W.
(Dick) NASA

Reynolds, William "Bill" K.
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Richards, Edgar "Ed"
Richards, Johanna
Riggle, Thomas
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Robb, B.
Roberts, Tec - NASA/MSFN
Robertson, Dale
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Robinson, Willard
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Rouiller, Charles "Chuck"

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Schou, Paul
Schroeder, Art
Schroeder, Holger
Schroeder, Robert
Schuchart, Melvin R. Sr.
Schultz, Allen W.
Schultz, Margaret R.
Schultz, Robert "Bob"

Richard saller dissertation prize

richard saller dissertation prize


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