Thesis centre in camden street

Professor, University of Johannesburg
Director, South African Institute for Advanced Constitutional, Public, Human Rights and International Law (SAIFAC)
Secretary-General, International Association of Constitutional Law

I am interested both in the philosophical underpinnings of the recognition of animal rights as well as the legal implications of such entitlements. I have written on the need to change the status of animals in the law in post-apartheid South Africa and why their rights should be protected in the Constitution. I have also written on making meaningful sense of the notion of ‘unnecessary suffering’ through engaging with the doctrine of proportionality as well as on cases that have arisen in South Africa that engaged animal interests. I am also an active advocate for improved animal welfare and have actively engaged with government authorities to re-draft better laws for animals.

After seeing the very unsettling set of pictures linked with the Camden Town murders, with all its thematic, if not chromatic, darkness the visitor is in no mood to concentrate on anything else. Whatever their – naturally undeniable – intrinsic quality, the last works on display ( Jack Ashore , c. 1912-1913 ; The Prussians in Belgium , c. 1912 [1915 title] ; Stemmo Insieme , c. 1907-1908) do not add anything to the show : this is the only negative note on this excellent exhibition, assembling pieces which are usually scattered all over the world, and which one will not have the opportunity to see together in the same location again before long. In an interview which appeared in January [ 10 ], Wendy Baron, co-author of the catalogue [ 11 ], argues that Sickert is “the greatest British artist since Turner”. No less. The reader is of course encouraged to see for himself at the Courtauld Gallery.

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Thesis centre in camden street

thesis centre in camden street


thesis centre in camden streetthesis centre in camden streetthesis centre in camden streetthesis centre in camden street